Open Water Booms for Oil Spills

Oil Containment Boom for Open Waters

oil boom in the waterQuestion: I am looking for open water booms for oil spills. I need about 1,300 feet of boom with a height of 36 inches. Could you tell me what dimensions this boom would have?

Answer: Good morning! Thank you for contacting us! For us in open waters, a great option is our Solid Foam Oil Containment Boom. This oil boom is available with a height of thirty-six inches (36") and a variety of lengths including fifty feet (50'), sixty-five feet (65'), eighty-two feet (82') and one hundred feet (100'). For the size that you requested, thirteen sections of 100 foot boom could easily give you what you need.

Other dimensions for this oil containment boom include a free board of twelve inches (12") and a draft of twenty-four (24"). The ballast used is a 3/8" galvanized steel chain and the standard material used for the boom is PVC coated polyester with a fabric weight of 22 ounces per square yard.

While these features indicate the standard dimensions of this boom, various other heights, lengths, materials, freeboard, and draft sizes are available. For instance, while the standard material used for this boom is PVC material, we also have boom in urethane, nitrile and blends of PVC, urethane, Elvaloy, XR-5, and other equivalent materials. Thus, if you require a slightly different specification in any of these areas, please don't hesitate to ask. We work with several different manufacturers around the world to help provide you with the boom that will best serve your location.

The oil boom shown here is naturally oil, seawater, and UV resistant. This helps keep it strong in your location throughout its use. It also uses connectors that meet ASTM F-962 criteria. For more containment boom choices, please check our our Oil Boom Main Page.

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