Oil Containment River Boom

Oil Boom River Containment

Question: I am in need of an oil containment river boom, skirted. We would be using this for a Hazmat response team needing to respond to fuel oil that has the potentially of leaking into a river. Do you have anything like this available? oil containment river boomWe would really prefer something that is easy to transport in a limited amount of space.

Answer: For the containment of river spills, there are a couple of different containment options you could consider. Since you have mentioned needing something that is easy to transport, you might consider using an a product like the Inflatable Oil Boom. This type of inflatable structure will allow the boom to lie completely flat around reels and other storage devices for quick transportation. Once the boom has arrived to your location, it can then be inflated and deployed around a spill.

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Inflatable Booms:

Inflatable booms are an easy deployment tool used to control spills in rivers, bays, harbors, and other water areas. Easy to transport and control, these booms have been frequently used by quick response teams to quickly contain a spill.

Features for these containment booms have included the following features:

  • Inflatable Points (either single point or several points on the booms)
  • Water and Oil Compatible Boom Material (often a urethane)
  • Connectors
  • Draft and Free Board
  • Ballast Chain

(Features may vary depending on the type of boom you select, as well as your specific water conditions) View additional information about Oil Boom.


Advantages of Inflatable Oil Containment River Booms:

These specific containment booms offer a unique advantage over other containment booms. Some of these benefits have included:

  • Fast Deployment to a New Location
  • Compact Storage Prior to Deployment (flat)
  • Easy to Transport (often rolled up on reels)
  • Reliable Construction
  • Long-Term Use
  • Quick to Inflate (especially the single point model)


Water Location Considerations:

Anytime you are considering using an oil boom in your location, it is important to several factors into consideration before its use. These may include the following:

  • Site Conditions
  • Type of Liquid Requiring Containment
  • Potential Length Required
  • Waves, Water Rates, and Tides in the Area
  • Available Movement Devices

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