Oil Spill Containment Berm

Leak Containment for Oil Spills

oil spill containment bermQuestion: Hello. I am looking for an oil spill containment berm or some other kind of economical containment system that I can use to contain any oil that spills from my storage tanks and other equipment. I frequently store oil and would like a temporary storage liner or containment vessel that could hold this kind of product in the event of a spill. Is there one you would recommend?

Answer: For the type of leak containment you are looking to achieve, items like the Aluminum Angle Spill Berm are a great choice. These berms can easily be created with highly resistant fabrics that can handle the nature of chemicals, oil, and various other hazardous materials. While all containment berms are designed to successfully contain liquids, the aluminum angle berm is particularly useful in this scenario as its walls contain sturdy aluminum angles.

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Aluminum Angle Berm Design

The design of an aluminum angle berm has allowed it to be successfully used to hold, store and contain oil in the event of a spill. These berms feature a rigid wall exterior (made from aluminum angles), a high resistance liner, and a typically wall height of about one foot (1') to contain necessary amounts of oil. View additional information about the aluminum angle berm on our Spill Containment Berm page.

Standard Features

  • Aluminum Angle Brackets (90°)
  • Liner Material that resists oil, chemicals, and more (MSDS typically required to help make sure the liner material is equipped to handle the liquid you need to contain)

Containment Berm Advantages

oil containment bermsThe advantages of an aluminum angle berm can vary depending on your desired uses and requirements of your berm. When used for oil containment, benefits can include any of the following:

  • Contained Cleanup Area (all the oil remains in one area)
  • Site Protection (prevents oil from entering the ground)
  • Large Storage Areas (can be made in both small and large storage areas to contain required gallon capacity)
  • Portable (can be moved in separate parts)
  • Economical
  • Easy to Setup (simply insert the brackets into the side pockets of the berm)
  • Reliable Wall Structure (stable wall area for containing liquids)
  • Drive Through Ability (vehicles can be driven into the berm when one side is folded down)

The oil spill containment berm has been used in several settings to protect and contain small spills. These berms are economical, reliable, and easy to transport making them an easy oil spill cleanup and protection item.

In addition to this berm, we also offer several other containment berms including ones with foam and air walls.

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