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oil spill decontamination tankQuestion: Hello. I am looking for an oil spill decontamination tank that is portable and can be moved around my site to decontaminated equipment used during a cleanup process. I would prefer if the tank somehow had rigid sizes. Would you have something like this available?

Answer: For the type of decontamination you are looking to achieve, a great option might be the Oil Containment Frame Tank. This tank uses an oil-resistant liner and places it within a firm frame. This can help to build a reliable containment area around your absorbents, suits, and booms to help contain water and oil washed off during the decontamination process.

Frame Tank Features

The frame tank offers several features that help to contain liquids, while still providing a unit that can be easily transported. Standard features you will find on this frame tank include the following:

  • Liner: The inner liner typically used on this tank features a PVC material that offers high resistance to chemicals, oil, and even water. Other fabrics may be used if required or specified for your site.

  • Frame: The frame used will typically include either an aluminum or steel material. Aluminum frames will be lighter in weight for easier transportation.

  • Options: All frame tanks can also be equipped with fittings and accessories to help ease the process of oil spill cleanup. Options for this tank can include any of the following:
    • Ground Cover/Liner
    • Drain Fittings (3/4" through 1 1/2")
    • Drain Tube (7" Diameter)
    • Patch and Repair Kits

In addition to several of the smaller capacity tanks you will find on our site, we also offer large capacity tanks that can store anywhere from 500 to 5,000 gallons. These tanks also feature steel or aluminum frames and have often been implemented in bulk water storage for firefighting or containment relief efforts. Read through the Frame Tank Product Flyer for more information.

Frame Tank Advantages

Advantages of this frame tank can vary based on site-specific requirements and applications for this tank. In general, all tanks are designed to offer a fast setup, easy installation, and reliable liquid containment. When used as an oil spill decontamination tank, advantages have included:

  • Fast and Easy Tank Setup
  • Quick Deployment in Emergency Situations
  • Separates for Increased Portability
  • Resistant to Several Different Materials
  • Multi-Purpose for Use after Clean Up
  • Reliable Containment of Oil-Laden Liquids

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