Permanent Oil Containment Boom

Controlling Oil Spills in a Marina

permanent oil containment boomQuestion: I am looking for some kind of a permanent oil containment boom that I can place in my marina to control oil from all the passing water vehicles. I need something that can last a long time in the same location. Is this a type of product that you might have?

Answer: For the type of oil control you have mentioned, a great option for you might be the Permanent Oil Spill Containment Boom. This boom is made with durable, long-lasting materials that work to control and contain oil for extended periods of time. Made from extremely rugged materials, these booms have successfully been used in docks, terminals, industrial areas, power plants, marinas, harbors and more.

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Permanent Oil Boom Features

This oil containment boom offers several features that help to equip you with a containment system that can last extended periods of time in water locations. In order to provide this durability, booms are made with several features that help to keep the product clean and functional. Features include:

  • High Density Polyethylene Floats (rotation ally molded, foam-filled)
  • Marine Grade Metal Components
  • Marine Growth Inhibitors
  • PVC or Urethane Coated Polyester Belting
  • Externally Mounted Flotations
  • Height Options: 18", 24" or 36"

By including several marine grade and growth prevention materials, your boom is well equipped to handle extended periods of time in water locations. All materials used for the boom typically hold some resistance to UV exposure, chemicals, and seawater.

You can learn more about this product, and Oil Containment Boom or Boom Applications and Uses. This permanent boom is also used for Debris Boom (view video).

Permanent Oil Boom Benefits

With this variety of features, the boom is equipped to offer several advantages during its use. Some of the most common advantages include:

  • Resistant to Marine Climates
  • Easily Replaceable Floats
  • Rugged and Long-Lasting Materials
  • Offered in High Visibility Colors
  • Designed to Perform for Several Years
  • Can Control Both Debris and Oil
  • Used in Several Locations

Other Boom Options

In addition to this permanent oil containment boom, we also offer several other booms that might work for your location including solid float booms, inflatable booms, and booms with a net system. To view our complete variety of containment products, please check out the Oil Boom Product Page.

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