Portable Berm

For Placement Under Vehicles, Tanks, and Equipment

portable bermQuestion: I am looking for a portable berm that I can place under vehicles and machinery around my site. I want something that is easy to transport but will still get the job done. Do you have this?

Answer: For easy transportation, there are a couple different options you could consider. The best choice is dependent on the volume of spill containment needed and the type of drive through ability needed.

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Foam Wall Spill Berms

foam wall spill bermsThe first option is the Foam Wall Containment Berm. It has shorter walls filled with foam that can be driven over directly. The walls pop back to their original height once the vehicle is on the containment area. Because the berm is one piece, it provides collapsible spill containment that is easily stored and transported.


  • Foam Wall Sides: These sides sit at a height of 4" for containment around your vehicles and machinery.
  • Light Weight: This helps make the berm extremely easy to transport for fast deployment where its needed most.
  • PVC or Urethane Material: These highly resistant materials work to catch oil and other liquid materials for complete protection.
  • Drive Through Ability: One of the best features of this containment berm is that trucks, vehicles, and equipment can be driven directly over top of the berm. Because the walls are made from foam, they pop right back up to keep your materials contained.

Aluminum Angle Spill Berms

collapsible spill containment bermAnother great option would be the Aluminum Angle Berms. These spill berms provide a rigid wall structure through the use of aluminum angle pieces. While they do not deploy quite as quickly as the foam wall berms, they are still incredibly easy to set up and are stored in a bag for quick transportation.


  • Aluminum Bars: Hook into the sides of your berm to form a 1 ft. wall around your items.
  • Drive Through Ability: By lowering the entrance side of the berm wall, you can drive vehicles and machinery directly onto the berm.
  • XR-5 (or Equivalent) Liner Material: Highly durable and resistant for catching spills.
  • Storage Bag Included: This allows you to easily transport the unit to wherever you might need.

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Questions about collapsible spill containment? We can help! Call our team at 1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.