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Secondary Spill Containment Made in the USA

Looking for spill containment, hazmat, and oil spill clean up options? As a US manufacturer of spill containment products such as the solutions below, we recognize that our customers need the right solution, not just a product. We offer secondary containment as a proactive, preventative effort in the form of pallets, Ox foam wall berms, Ox spill basins, Centaur frame tanks, safety cabinets, and more.

Spill containment and secondary containment measures are a pressing concern at many industrial and commercial facilities where hazardous materials, chemicals, and other dangerous liquids are used and stored. Primary containment may consist of steel drums, poly tanks, steel tanks, and floating barriers if the spill is water-based.

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Secondary containment is often compliance-driven, with fines from failed inspections that can lead to EPA involvement (especially in spills that have the potential of contaminating waterways). To avoid these fines and costly project delays, many companies are vigiliant about taking proactive measures to ensure that if there is a leak, spill, or catastrophic primary containment failure, adequate secondary containment is available.

A common standard utilized by many facilities is to follow the 110% spill containment capacity coverage requirement. This means that the secondary containment product of choice must be able to hold at least 110% of the contents from the largest single container within the berm or pallet. In other words, if a spill containment berm holds a 500 gallon poly tank of hazardous materials, the spill berm must be able to hold at least 550 gallons in case of an accident.

A type of secondary containment available for a poly tank may be something like the Spill Basin. We also offer numerous other equipment types and materials for spill containment. With a review of your MSDS (Materials Safety Data Sheet) we can check compatibility of the liquid to be contained against our available solutions. See more of our proactive Spill Prevention ideas.

View other Containment Berms such as foam wall options in standard and custom manufactured sizes.

Read EPA Oil Spills Prevention and Preparedness Regulations for Secondary Containment and Calculation Worksheets.

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